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New Free Parking Privilege

New Free Parking Privilege

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Shoppers with designated on-day e-spending^ at up to 3 different merchants in One North (count at entry date and time 10:00 – 22:00) and corresponding e-payment slips^ can enjoy free parking at One North Car Park.

S+ REWARDS members may now redeem free parking hours with designated S Points in S+ REWARDS App. Members can redeem a maximum of 4 hours of free parking privilege each time with eligible e-spending^ and S Points.

Redemption venue: One North G/F Concierge (10am – 10pm)

Parking within the privilege time and the redemption procedures must be completed between 10:00am and 21:59pm on the same day to enjoy the free parking.

Only applicable to Private Car.
Merchants only included shops at retail floors, but excluded tenants at office floors, details please refers to Shop directory

Privilege time S+ REWARDS e-Spending Amount ^ Free Parking Hours
Mon to Sun

10:00 – 22:00

(Count at Drive-in Time)

4 Points HK$200 1 hour
8 Points HK$400 2 hours

^e-Payment includes credit card, EPS, debit card, Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Tap & Go, PayMe by HSBC, BoC Pay, Octopus and Credit Card Cash Back Rewards. The following receipt(s) are not acceptable for this promotion, cash, gift voucher(s), cake shop coupon(s), merchant pre-paid cards, casual leasing, bank, estate agent, add value transactions and charges (including Octopus card, parking, tuition, telephone etc.) and clinic(s)/ purchase of tickets.

  1. This offer is ONLY applicable to Private Car driving in between 10am and 10pm at One North Car Park.
  2. Customers shall redeem the parking privilege with on-day valid e-spending receipts (driving in between 10am and 10pm) at G/F Concierge from 10am to 10pm. S+ REWARDS members can self-redeem free parking hours with designated S points in S+ REWARDS app.
  3. The parking privilege applied to the first consecutive chargeable hour(s) (counting from the vehicle’s ingress time – 10:00 to 22:00). Regular hourly rates shall apply for every additional hour parked beyond the redeemed free parking hours at the designated carpark. A partial hour is considered a full hour unless stated otherwise.
  4. The redemption procedures must be completed between 10:00am and 21:59pm on the same day.
  5. Unused parking privilege cannot be converted into cash. Hourly charge will be levied for staying hour(s) other than the parking privilege offered.
  6. This privilege programs cannot be used in conjunction with other parking offers (e.g. Sino Club members 30% off parking offer)
  7. Drivers must use the same Octopus or credit card for entry and exit and redeem parking privilege. Failure to do so will render the redeemed parking privilege void.
  8. Customers are required to present their own original machine-printed receipt(s), e-payment slip(s)/ transaction recorded in relevant Mobile App in order to join the promotion. The spending amount on machine-printed receipt(s) must be the same as e-payment slip(s). Splitting payment by different e-payment is NOT accepted. More than one receipt issued by the same merchant is also not accepted. Staff of One North has the right to make any marks on all receipts used for any redemption and these receipts are not eligible for other offers or redemptions (exclude S Point registration).
  9. All e-payment slips must be supported by the corresponding credit card(s)/ EPS card(s)/ debit card(s), showing same name of the customer. Staff of One North reserves the right to request customers to present their proof of identity for verification.
  10. NO alteration to the receipt(s) is/are allowed once receipt(s) are registered.
  11. All receipts for the redemption must be complete original computer-printed receipt(s) without any damage issued by relevant merchant(s) on the same day (driving in between 10am and 10pm) of the registration. Each receipt must clearly show the name of merchant(s) and the date of issue. The following receipt(s) are not acceptable for this promotion, cash, handwritten, photocopied, casual leasing, bank, estate agent, add-value transactions and charges (including Octopus card, parking, telephone etc.), clinic(s)/ purchase of tickets, consumption paid by cash coupon(s)/gift voucher(s)/cake shop coupon(s), and any re-printed computer-printed receipts.
  12. Online spending or payment is NOT applicable to this promotion.
  13. For receipt(s) of deposit payment, only the value of deposit and/ or the actual amount paid will be calculated, excluding outstanding payment, for the purpose of this promotion. Total spending refers to the net spending after deducting S Coupon(s), merchant voucher(s), any point(s) and discount(s) from credit card, EPS, Octopus card or membership card. (The use of credit card rebate is not subject to this restriction)
  14. Staff of One North shall have the right to take electronic copy of each receipt and e-payment slip for redemption and keep them for audit purpose. The records will only be kept for one month and destroyed after the expiration.
  15. All receipts used for redemption are not eligible for refund from the merchant(s).
  16. All parking privilege are not for sale, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and are non-returnable.
  17. Parking privilege will not be re-issued in case of loss or expiry.
  18. All receipt(s) for registration must be verified and validated by staff of One North who has absolute right to reject any receipt if the authenticity of the receipt is in doubt.
  19. One North shall have no legal liability relating to any aspect of the parking privilege provided by the supplier of redemption item, including but not limited to the quality of parking privilege rendered. The contents of activities and offers are subject to change without notice.
  20. Sino Estates Management Limited reserves all final rights to make change(s) or to terminate this offer without prior notice.
  21. Sino Estates Management Limited reserves the discretionary right to revoke this parking privilege and offer if necessary and its decision is final.
  22. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the Chinese version and the English version Terms and Conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
  23. To the maximum extent as permissible under the laws, Sino Estates Management Limited shall have no legal liability relating to any aspects of and shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered or sustained (even if caused by any act, negligence, omission and/or willful default) as a result of and incidental to accepting and/or using this parking privilege.
  24. The Terms and Conditions of this offer are subject to change without notice.  In case of any dispute, the decision of Sino Estates Management Limited shall be final and binding regarding the parking privilege or any incidental matters.
  25. All parking at One North shall be subject to availability of parking space thereat and governed by the parking terms and conditions of Sino Estates Management Limited.

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